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So we now have 2 Fabulous Oak Photo booths in Devon and Cornwall.

Please join us and welcome Betsy to the Posh Booth family of Luxury Photo booths in Devon and Cornwall.

Building on the success of Bruno, our Deluxe Print experience Photo booth, covering Devon and Cornwall.  We felt there was another gap in the Luxury photo booth market. This gap I speak of is a funky looking Social booth. As you already know our photo booths are the best looking thing since a bottle of Louis X111

What is a Social booth?

While Bruno is all singing and dancing. With high tech cameras, computing, lighting and instant Printing he also looks absolutely fantastic. Not everybody wants or needs Printed Photographs at their event. So we filled that gap  with the beautiful Betsy, our Sassy Oak Photo booth, Social booth experience.

Betsy joined the team to fill the gap of a  beautiful Social booth. She is a slightly smaller than Bruno and does not have a built in printer. If you are only looking for the ability to send Emails and text messages instantly she may be the gal you are looking for.

Betsy still has everything Bruno has in a smaller package, Sporting a powerful computer to power the Photo booth Software, a Canon Mirrorless camera and nifty, flattering lighting. She also has a few tricks Bruno does not have. Mainly She can be run entirely on  built in batteries. No messy wires. This works  really well for certain venues or marques with electricity restrictions.

You may prefer to be environmentally friendly, our social booth experience maybe a solution for you. Not having a printer no paper is wasted and no extra materials are used to print the Photographs.

While most selfie booths look ok, most run using an iPad  software and an ipad camera which is Ok but not up to the standards of a professional photographer. Certainly not up to our standards.

Boomerangs and photographs make for a fun Event, We cover the South West which mostly mean Devon and Cornwall.

Having two touch screens allow guests to view all the images and Boomerangs taken during the day from the rear screen. Guests at Weddings, Corporate events and parties can also send Emails, Send Text messages with their photographs or Boomerangs directly to their phones or computers and home.

We hire Betsy out for as little as two hours for parties and Events, more hours can be added.

2 Fabulous Oak Photo booths in Devon and Cornwall