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Cornwall wall photo booth

Winter Bokeh 01

Ten awesome photo booth backgrounds to pair up with our open air photo booths. We have more but these are the most photogenic.

When choosing from our selection of awesome photo booth background range, try thinking about where you are placing the photo booth.

The venue its self can also dictate to draw your eye to a particular background. We keep a constant eye on trends in fashion patterns and print, this helps us keep one step ahead of the others when choosing awesome photo booth backgrounds. At the start I mentioned we have ten awesome backgrounds Actually we currently have 11. Snow White. but it didn’t really work and I’m sure you all can imaging what a White photo booth background would look like lol. Let me know in the comments which background is your favourite. or maybe suggest a background that might work for our Photo booths down here in Devon Check out  5. shimmer at Trevenna barns  

Awesome photo booth backgrounds

2. 3D Luxor


flower wall backgrounds

3. White Flowerwall

Posh booth backgrounds

4. Summer Bokeh

awesome backgrounds

5. Star Dust

popular photobooth backgrounds

6. Shimmer

Simple photo backgrounds

7. Rinky Pinky

Devon Photobooth background

8. Jungle Print

Posh booth photo booth devon

9. Barn Wall

sassy spots photobooth background

10. 101 sassy Spots