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The Child of Wales awards

We are so pleased to have the chance to support The Child of Wales Awards team.

Although the child of Wales awards is still a  relatively new charity it has been going for over two years, due to Covid this will be the 1st live awards night .

The Child of Wales Awards will be a night to celebrate the incredible children and young people from across Wales, while raising vital funds for charities dedicated to helping kids: Teenage Cancer Trust; Dreams & Wishes (a charity which provides support via dreams); And The NSPCC. We aim at shining brightly on these brave souls who face hardships every single day yet never give up trying–inspiring everyone around them in this process!

We are so excited for the Children and Celebrities to Meet Bruno, he’s the cool kid on the block. Bruno is the deluxe flag ship photobooth from Posh Booths, and he promises to bring the flair to each and every event. This isn’t your average photo booth, crafted from Oak, its sleek design coupled with high end technology, means it produces excellent quality images. It’s user-friendly features, with a touch screen on the front and back, allow guests to not only print and share their images, but gives you option to create a gif too.

The Posh Booths team is made up of a bunch of fun loving people who are dedicated to creating amazing memories at each event. They know how important it is for you and your guests to feel comfortable in front of the camera, so they do all they can to make that happen. The service includes an assistant on hand throughout the hire period, plus unlimited prints, photos and gifs for you and your guests (yes – really!). If that wasn’t enough already…you also have the option to customise your printouts with names, logos or messages – making them perfect as party favours! Plus there’s a huge range of unique props and a choice of fabulous backgrounds.

So if you’re looking for something a little extra to make your event pop, give the team at Posh Booths a call. They’ll be sure to help you out. They cover Devon and Cornwall, check them out on Facebook and Instagram too.”

A big thank you to the team behind The Child of Wales awards, all the sponsors and all the people who have supported the Child of Wales team during a tough couple of year. Finally the awards are going ahead. 🙂